• Put Your Bottle..

    Take Your Reward


    What RecycleReward Vending Machine & How It Works?

    It's an innovative way to collect empty beverage containers at the point of use and boost recycling rates through a system of incentives. When recyclable materials like plastic, glass bottles, or aluminum beverage cans are thrown into the smart RecycleReward machine at the point where the waste occurs, it becomes possible for users to preserve and collect the waste individually and cleanly. Users can choose pre-established rewarding ways to receive cash. RecycleReward is ready to be implemented globally in both deposit and non-deposit scenarios.

    Accepted Materials

    RecycleReward Vending machine is able to accept Plastic & Aluminum & Glass type of empty beverage containers. Depending on the request before the deployment any configuration could be applied to RecycleReward for accepting any requested types.

    can (1)

    It take about 400 years for aluminum to break down naturally. That Coke can you just drank from will probably still look about the same in another century or two.


    Plastic Bottles can take between 400 and 1000 years to decompose

    Reward & Incentive Models

    Thermal Printer

    Our systems can be programmed to print special paper tickets with barcodes, gift cards and other types of bonuses. This is a perfect solution for discount programs in stores / cafes. This can be achieved by integrating a thermal printer to the machines.

    QR Barcode App

    End users can be easily scan QR code by their smart devices to claim their points or rewards directly to their account. Upon user's request the app can be integrated to devices.

    Donation System

    Upon user’s instruction the reward for collected garbage can be donated to a foundation or charity organization. It is possible to program different variants of destinations for the money to choose from. This is a perfect opportunity to combine ecological programs with charity campaigns

    Where To Use RecycleReward Reverse Vending machine

    Universities and Schools

    Implementing ecological garbage disposal programs in educational institutes is an important part of teaching social responsibility to young people. The implemented systems can include various types of rewards for the students who choose to contribute to the cleanness of their educational facilities.

    Airports & Railways

    Big stores are perfect places to install our machines. One of the established methods of work is the following: the machines are placed at the entrance to the stores and the users receive discounts, e.g. for bread. In the buying process, the users usually purchase other products too, thus increasing the overall profits of the store.

    Supermarkets and Commercial Spaces

    Similar to the public transportation stops, airports and stations have large flows of people, who potentially can become users of AcoRecycling machines. It is possible to develop special bonus programs for purchasing goods and services at the airports and railway stations, as well as other business models.